A downloadable "Funky New Mode" for Windows

This game was made as part of the Potluck Aquarius Game Jam.


  • Donkey Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<- or A to move left
-> or D to move right
Z  or M to jump/accept

ALT+ENTER to enter Fullscreen

Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Country and it's assets are owned by Nintendo and I do not claim to own them. This game is offered free as is

twitter: @krystalcoconut

Install instructions

Extract the zip and double click on the donkey kong head


release.zip 24 MB


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Simple and effective. It's super silly, but I really liked. With a few minutes I got the hang of it, and beat it!


A nicely made game! it's  a silly idea, but it works well with DK. controls feel great, banana collection works well. I wasn'tt able to beatt it though, it gets pretty difficult >.<